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D&AD award winning flagship launch product for Sky’s pioneering VR app, available to millions of customers in the UK and Eire


Meta, StoryFutures, Indira Varma, Richard Ayode, Sian Clifford, Others?



Interactive Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Volumetric Video, Photogrammetry, CT Scanning


To create a natural world immersive experience: combining narrative storytelling, game design principles, and experiential learning methodologies to create a piece of impact entertainment.

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You are a new research assistant collecting and collating knowledge to help biodiversity and ecosystems thrive. Your esteemed and often maverick colleague known only as ‘The Professor’ is always seemingly one step ahead and pioneers some pretty cutting edge research methods. The trouble is they are a little eccentric and they often leave their field notes everywhere.


Follow The Professor out into the field, and Unearth the secrets of the world’s most amazing destinations. Discover hands-on The Professor’s unique perspectives on the vital importance of ecosystems and food chains. Gather field notes and samples for your research laboratory in order to study these incredible worlds more closely.


Throughout the UnEarthed journey you will learn to understand, care for, and support nature. Your new perspective into the natural world will provide an unprecedented understanding of life on Earth, and delightfully familiar faces will help you solve the problems you encounter along the way. The discoveries and connections you make in the virtual world will help you to protect and promote biodiversity in the real one. 

Journey into the world of biodiversity, ecology and the food chain in surprising and unique ways and see life from a whole new perspective. What begins as an innocent job interview transforms into an unforgettable and inspirational journey through the Amazon and Alaska to find a mysterious character known as ‘The Professor’ (Indira Varma) with your robot sidekicks (Richard Ayoade, Sian Clifford), you will help plants pollinate, protect shoals of vulnerable fish, and even embody the physical prowess of jaguars and bears! Experience life on Earth in amazing ways through VR as you understand, care for, and support our natural world.

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