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Chris Packham: Forever Punk is a highly personal and revelatory documentary that reveals how Punk Rock not only saved campaigning environmentalist Chris Packham’s life as a teenager, but also gave it meaning and has informed everything he’s done since.



Financial Times


The Observer

“Deeply personal journey”

The Daily Telegraph

As an angry teenager with undiagnosed Asperger’s, punk rock gave Chris Packham a purpose, allowing him to harness his creativity, which led him to becoming a TV presenter with a determination to champion wildlife. 


Now more than 40 years on, as Chris goes to Buckingham Palace to receive a CBE for services to the environment, he asks himself whether over the years, he has turned into the type of ‘establishment figure’ that his 17-year-old-self would have hated.

In this deeply personal documentary, Chris sets out to question both himself and former punks who, like him, rocked against racism, fought for gay rights and caused their parents untold grief, to discover if the values they all believed in then, still hold true today.

Watch the documentary here

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