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The Dawn of Spatial Computing

The splashy launch of the Apple Vision Pro earlier this month marks the beginning of a new era, as spatial computing enters into the public consciousness in a way that only Apple can achieve. This new platform offers a wealth of opportunities for businesses across the media, entertainment and cultural industries to bring new kinds of experiences into the hands of their customers, and to be seen as early pioneers on the platform that is predicted to replace the iPhone, iPad and iMac - plus even your home television - over the next decade.

With stunning high fidelity displays, crystal clear spatial audio, and sensors that enable seamless eye tracking and intuitive hand gestures, the Apple Vision Pro stands out from the crowd as a consumer headset device that builds on earlier successes from competitors in the VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) markets, while instantly leveraging the entire Apple ecosystem.

Factory 42 is an approved Apple Vision Pro developer, and was one of the first studios on the planet to launch a product on the platform. Hold The World (an immersive experience with Sir David Attenborough) was referenced by Apple in its launch announcement and is one of the 600 applications available on the platform. We are now actively creating new products for Apple Vision Pro, and can help you deliver new ideas or refresh existing content all with an immersive twist to excite your customers.

To whet your appetite here are some thought starters on ideas we think will be successful on Apple Vision Pro:

Media and Entertainment

Spatial Video: Apple Vision Pro is a personal home cinema experience that allows viewers to feel like they are “stepping into” the content from the comfort of their couch. With support for 180° & 360° videos you can wrap 2D content around the viewer, and support for 3D video and a new Apple Immersive Video format (180° 3D 8K video with Spatial Audio) offers an extraordinary new home video watching experience. It has to be seen to be believed. 

Immersive Live Streaming: Combining interactive 3D assets with live video brings a whole new dimension to traditional sports viewing, allowing viewers to fully immerse themselves in the wealth of analytics data that is already available for many sports. A great example of this is the F1 concept for Apple Vision Pro from John LePore.

Daily Habits

Virtual Travel or Exploration: Transporting the user to global locations that would otherwise be hard to reach, or giving them the superpower of time travel to visit significant places in history offer new experiences that take advantage of the stunning visuals, seamless eye tracking and intuitive hand gestures to make the viewer feel like they are actually there. In Hold The World users get a chance to go behind the scenes at London’s Natural History Museum and have a one on one audience with Sir David Attenborough before priceless artefacts come back to life.

Digital Collection: As 3D asset scanning technology has rapidly improved over the last few years, the desire to get “hands on” with objects that previously were locked within glass cabinets has increased with audiences. Bringing 3D objects into the viewer’s home, and enabling them to explore and play safely with them through simple gaze, pinch and tap gestures feels amazing on Apple Vision Pro.

Immersive Experiences

Collaborative Games: With multi-user support, and the innovative feature Personas, the Apple Vision Pro brings shared experiences to a whole new level. Using existing Apple technology such as SharePlay and AirPlay allows the Apple Vision Pro to collaborate with the wider Apple ecosystem of devices in the home and remotely. Puzzles, strategy, role-playing and movement controlled games all benefit from a spatial twist.

Enhanced Learning: The LiDAR Scanner and TrueDepth camera built into the Apple Vision Pro work together to create a fused 3D map of the viewer’s surroundings, enabling digital content to be accurately rendered in their space. These features can make embodied learning experiences come to life, as viewer’s interact with digital content in their physical environment in more visceral ways providing a greater positive impact on knowledge understanding and retention. Factory 42 is a pioneer of what we call “Impact Entertainment” - a proprietary approach to creative technology development and learning engagement. Impact Entertainment products are entertainment led and emotionally engaging interactive immersive experiences with purpose that generate greater impact than other mediums such as television or the internet.

Research from StoryFutures, the UK’s national centre for immersive storytelling, has shown that Impact Entertainment products from Factory 42 drive strong learning engagement, retention of information and positive behaviour change. The data shows the products are nine times more engaging than web or TV content equivalents while on other products five times as many students were able to practise problem solving skills. The technological capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro offers the opportunity to take immersive learning experiences to a whole new level, driving greater impact than ever before.

Calling All Innovators and Pioneers

The Apple Vision Pro is a unique moment in time, providing businesses with the opportunity to take “first mover”advantage on a platform that Apple will continue to evolve and expand over the coming decades. We’re excited about the future for Apple Vision Pro and being a trusted partner to help you deliver high quality, engaging and interactive spatial computing experiences that will stand out from the crowd.

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