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Attract new audiences and re-engage existing audiences visiting the Smithsonian American Art Museum using mixed reality technology to create a gamified AR experience that brings rich historical stories to life.




Immersive experiences, Learning, Environment, 5G


Augmented Reality, Spatial Anchors and 5G



Create a compelling interactive experience that drives audiences to fully explore the space when visiting the Smithsonian American Art Museum, to be launched in conjunction with the renovation of the US Patent Office and Smartify’s audio tours.



Taking place in the Smithsonian American Art Museum, ‘Temple of Invention’ is an Augmented Reality mobile phone experience allowing visitors to discover the museum’s rich history through gamified exploration.


Concept and Design
Creatively co-directed and designed the experience for a large public physical space.

Co-developed software, interactions, art, animations.

The audience experience:

Inspired by the original Victorian era patent designs we created the experience in the style of an 1800s paper theatre, with users handed a device running on AT&T 5G and encouraged to find hidden stories about historical events, key historical figures, inventors and their unique inventions. The audience's mission is to find all these stories and collect a number of clockwork virtual cogs that are needed to restore the “Heart” of the Temple Of Invention. On completion of the experience on the second floor, the “Heart” will reveal itself in the middle of the Luce Foundation Center as an amalgamation of machines that represent the beating heart of American ingenuity and invention.

The technology and innovation:

Unity, AR Foundation (ARCore/ ARKit), Google Cloud Anchors, AT&T 5G Network. Through innovative use of Google Cloud Anchor technology the AR experience unfolds across a series of zones within the Luce Foundation Center adapting to the nuances of this historical building.

What the partners said:

“The partnership with Factory 42 in the 'Temple of Invention' project is a pivotal element in delivering an exceptional augmented reality experience at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Factory 42's expertise in creating dynamic and engaging content is crucial in bringing the historical narratives to life in a vivid and interactive manner. This partnership marries Factory 42’s creative and technical capabilities with Smartify’s mission to enhance learning and engagement through innovative technology, creating a transformative visitor experience.”

Thanos Kokkiniotis, Chief Executive, Smartify


Stephen Stewart, Factory 42 CTO commented “We were delighted to partner with Smartify and support them in delivering this innovative project. Our experience in building award-winning location based immersive experiences enabled us to overcome the technical and creative challenges of delivering an AR experience into this historic building, and close collaboration with Smartify was crucial in achieving a successful launch."


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